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Testing for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

You can arrange a free COVID-19 PCR test yourself directly at Get-Self-Tested


If are unsure whether or not you need a test then please fill in our COVID-19 screening questionnaire by clicking on the link below. A doctor or nurse will contact you to arrange testing - if appropriate

COVID-19 is usually a mild illness but can be very serious so there is a low threshold for testing. Please contact us even if your symptoms are mild. 

COVID-19 Antigen test - These home tests are quick and are useful when screening workforces, schools or contacts with COVID-19. But they are not accurate enough in people with symptoms. If you have symptoms of possible COVID-19 then a PCR test not an antigen test is needed.

If you are having severe problems with breathing difficulties then please either contact the surgery directly at 045 856599 or if needed then call the Ambulance at 112 or 999

COVID-19 Vaccine


As you will have heard in the news there is a national programme for the rollout of the Booster COVID-19 vaccine for all those aged over 16 years. This will be given in Vaccine Centres ( locally Punchestown ), GP clinics and pharmacies. 

Ballycane Surgery has been giving COVID vaccine and will continue to do so. Unfortunately we are not getting our next vaccine delivery until January. We will post clinic dates here.

You do not need to contact reception to get your vaccine.

We will be inviting people to attend by SMS text message.

This booster programme will be for those who are 16 or over and

- 3 months since last vaccine

- 6 months since having had COVID-19 illness and fully vaccinated

- 1 months since having had COVID-19 and partially vaccinated

We are receiving the Pfizer BioNTech version of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The brand name for this vaccine is "Comirnaty". It is given by injection into the muscle of the upper arm.

For good quality easily understood information about the vaccine please visit: 

COVID19 vaccine information (brief version)

COVID-19 vaccine information (more detailed )

Even more detailed information about this vaccine is available at the following sites;


HSE website - safety information FAQ on COVID19 vaccines

European Medicines Agency - Corminaty information

European Medicines Agency - Corminaty specifications

         (Go to p26 for Patient Information Leaflet)


We have been and will be running Covid Booster Vaccine clinics

Our next Covid Booster Clinic will be 13/01/2022

Also there are appointments free at HSE Vaccine Centres -> Book here

Also the HSE is running walk-in clinics at Punchestown without appointment on 22/12/21 & 24/12/21

Remember many pharmacies are also providing Booster Vaccines

Please email rather than telephone reception if looking for Booster Vaccine appointment


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